Bollywood – the change we see

For people like me who had given up on bollywood sometime back, its very refreshing to see the beginning of a new era. While earlier one had to sit and search for a (actual) movie from all the crass assed masala flicks (with shahrukhs failed attempts to fly in every flim) a large number of good movies are well distributed and made reachable to the sensible film lover these days.

2010 should probably be named a landmark for the sheer amount of low budget movies that were made and accepted by the audience. This has reinforced our beliefs in directors and screenwriters who are driven by passion and not by money alone. Continue reading

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So I bought a PS3!!!

Yep, its true. I’m surprised myself but I did the unthinkable and bought myself a Playstation 3 along with the PS Move. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer as I have never been serious about gaming. Oh yea, there are few instances of addiction but most of them died down eventually.

When I purchased my laptop at the start of the year I thought buying one with a decent card will help me start gaming. Continue reading

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The latest toy doing the rounds this christmas are the neodymium magnet toys. Its a very simple contraption which  contains small ball bearing like spheres created from neodymium magnets. These magnets are supposedly rare (I dont know why a mass production if they are) permanent magnets, which earlier made their presence felt in our regular hard disks.

These toys are selling under various brand names like NeoCube, Zen Magnets, Euro Cube, buckyBalls, etc. While Christopher Reda the salesman inventor of the toy is trying to get a patent in place, to make NeoCube the only seller, you can still get your hands on the other brands.

It looks like a great fun creative toy with endless capabilities, wonder if it will achieve fame like lego someday. And by the way if you guys just wanna try it out, the cheapest option right now is the mini ZenMagnets which sell at $9.50 for a pack of 72 spheres. But looks like 216 is the sacred number for these toys and they sell for $24.95 approx on most of these sites.

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Fart Art of the Art Farts

I might be wrong when I say most of what we see or term today as ‘modern art‘ is shit, but that is a matter of debate. Since childhood we have seen, felt and known for sure, that art is something that touches our soul, passes through the barriers of time, language and ethnicity and is the most supremely powerful way one can communicate with other. Continue reading

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Consuming the web today

Unraveling the mysteries of the web is one of my profound interests today and I spend a lot of time discovering new sources of information everyday. People consume a lot of information from news sites, social networks and blogs yet they spend most of their times watching YouTube videos and socializing through Facebook. While I occasionally succumb to these activities, I know there are lots more we can do to fully utilize the Power of the Web. So, this post is targeted to people who want to know how to consume information, seek out interests and follow the people they admire. Continue reading

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What it is??

Its art, its tech and everything in between. Why art and tech you say ? … You would wanna look back at something which is actually interesting…and does not fall under them…. That’s right, theres barely anything. So we give you the world you already know (or oughta know anyways) from the calculative vision of a techie and the upside down weird perspective of an artist. So sit back n enjoy as the posts keep popping.

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